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A while ago I was kindly tagged by Aimee from ‘’ to answer six questions she chose regarding the topic of beauty, specifically around makeup and skincare.
I am super excited to jump right in and start a discussion about various products and routines.

1) If you only could only choose one product to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?
This is a very tricky question! There is such a huge range of types of makeup and skincare, let alone deciding on which brand and exact product I would like to use. I think I have come to a decision though- mascara is the type of product I would choose for solely wearing everyday, as I feel this can really open and define the eyes on its own. My favourite would have to be the ‘They’re Real!’ mascara by Benefit, with its incredible ability to lengthen lashes without a clumpy consistency, so this would have to be my forever product!

2) What is your most repurchased makeup item? Or what would you repurchase again?
Personally, I love to keep trying new products, and I don’t believe I have found many that have worked so perfectly to lead me to repurchasing. Though, I have been using the ‘Wake Me Up’ concealer by Rimmel for a long time. It has lasted over a year and is beginning to run low now; the creamy texture resulting in easy application and brightening ability makes it ones of my favourite products, so I would definitely consider buying this again!

3) What is your biggest makeup mistake?
I am still trying to learn how to create nice wings with eyeliner- often they come out uneven (I hope I’m not the only one who has spent lots of time perfecting the definition of each wing individually, only to take a step back and find that the angles and lengths are totally different)!

4) Who is your favourite beauty blogger/ YouTuber?
Again, this is a very difficult question to answer as I feel that there are so many people using blogs or the platform of YouTube to show skilful, creative and enjoyable content. I was first introduced to the beauty community online through videos by Zoe Sugg (Zoella on the YouTube space), and she has always been one of my favourites to watch, with her high-quality and detailed content that has a warm, happy atmosphere. Some other people I love watching include Louise Pentland (Sprinkleofglitter), Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart and Kathleen Lights; they all have incredible blogs too!

5) Do you have a skincare routine?
Over the past couple of years, I have learnt a lot about the importance of skincare, different types of products and their uses and how skincare routines may vary depending on skin types. I personally have quite dry skin, so my main aims when it comes to looking after my skin include exfoliating dry flaky areas and moisturising the face. My daily routine involves cleaning using the ‘Micellar Cleansing Water’ by Garnier, which removes makeup quickly and easily before using the ‘Kind To Skin Soothing Toner’ by Simple. I use toner to add some extra cleanliness, and I know it can be especially helpful to those with an oily skin type as it can balance pH levels, so skin is less prone to become oily. The next step is to moisturise- I am currently using ‘Vitamin E Moisture Cream’ by the Body Shop, and I have been loving how smooth my skin has been feeling recently. I also have ‘Tea Tree 3-in-1’ by the Body Shop which can be used in three ways: as a wash, as a scrub or as a mask. Usually I use the product in different ways around twice a week.

6) What makeup product has disappointed you the most?
Unfortunately I am not a fan of the ‘Hide & Conceal’ concealer stick by MUA. It is very thick and difficult to blend, but perhaps this is due to my skin type- those with oily skin may find this product to work better for them.

Now to continue the tag! Of course, feel free to answer these questions in the comments, but specifically I’m going to ask a few members of the beauty community to answer.

I’m tagging:

Here are my questions:

  1. What are your favourite makeup brands?
  2. Do you have an all-time favourite product?
  3. Shimmery, glittery or matte eyeshadow?
  4. What is your favourite colour to wear on your lips?
  5. Do you have a skincare routine?
  6. Have you been disappointed by any makeup or skincare products?

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