An Afternoon In Brixham

On a warm summer's day in August, I took a trip to the little town of Brixham with my grandparents and mum. On the coast in the South-West, the area is known for its position in the fishing industry and is centred around its picturesque harbour, so I was looking forward to spending an afternoon walking around there!

We started the afternoon with fish and chips at the Poopdeck Restaurant overlooking the harbour. There was a nautical theme, hence the name, and a wide variety of delicious fresh seafood available.

Next to the harbour, there is also a collection of cute colourful houses grouped to form a pretty scene. The choppy layout echoes the spread out crowd of little boats below in a perfect mixture of town and sea.

Away from the water, the streets of Brixham continue to have a relaxed mood. We passed plenty of cafés, places to eat and trinket shops walking through, as well as bunches of flowers, strings of lights and lines of bunting. The West Country Deli is a small but warm café, where we stopped- I loved the ranged of baked goods and hot drinks available. Nothing beats a cream tea in the sun in a cute little town!

I would definitely recommend a visit if you’re looking for an afternoon out in the South-West, particularly if you’re looking for a peaceful escape. There is lots more I didn’t see, and I’m sure there are plenty of events and activities running all the time, so it may be worth looking into before you go.

The Beauty Tag

A while ago I was kindly tagged by Aimee from ‘’ to answer six questions she chose regarding the topic of beauty, specifically around makeup and skincare.

A Visit to New York City

A few months ago, I was luckily able to visit the Big Apple, the Empire City, The Capital of the World. New York. Known worldwide as one of the leading cities in technology, a significant pioneer in aspects of culture like the Arts and a collection of incredible architecture and landmarks, NYC is an undeniably unique place, and I was incredibly excited to experience The City.

Fairy Lights and Photos Tutorial

Recently I have been loving creating a little space on my wall to display photos- the cute idea of using fairy lights I think is perfect for brightening up a room, and adds a personalised touch to bedrooms in particular, or at least to any area of the house where you would like to place these special keepsakes! During the experience of building up this wall design, I have collected some tips that I hope would be helpful to anyone who is considering creating a similar look, or possibly even inspire people to start this project!

Looking After Braces

More and more people are starting to see these little dental procedures pop up: braces. The set of metal and rubber that can perfect a smile, but have gained a reputation of being painful, lengthy and rather annoying. After recently finishing a year of having them cemented to my own teeth, I feel that I have learnt a great deal about caring for them and how to truly get the most out of the process, so that the result is a final grin that isn’t regretted. Whether you are part way through your time with braces, or are considering the approach, I hope to help answer any simple questions you have about them and hopefully aid decision- making.

Autumn 2016 | A Fresh Start

After settling into a long summer break, bringing in an element of calm after the buzz of a hectic exam season, I came to the realisation that this small online space was looking a little… abandoned. My posting frequency had dragged out to one piece every few months- this blog was like a vehicle fuelled by motivation and ideas that was unexpectedly punctured by a busy schedule and herd of exams, leaving the website drained of its energy and inspiration. For this, I can only apologise, but after working on the design of this blog and learning more about building a better, I am super excited to re-launch and update this space very often with posts covering beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel and food- these are topics I would love to learn more about within the community and share my thoughts and ideas.

Product Review: Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ Concealer

One of the most popular drugstore concealers would have to be the ‘Wake Me Up’ concealer by Rimmel- this product is known to have high coverage, whilst being light in consistency. I’d thought it would be interesting to see what the most talked about drugstore concealer is really like… Before even purchasing it, however, I already had high hopes due to its positive reception. I personally love Rimmel London as a cosmetic brand, particularly for lip and eye products, but haven’t actually previously bought a concealer. The company has formed an incredibly favourable reputation overall through containing values such as being cruelty- free with no animal testing taking place within the process of creating their products, making products affordable and finally simply having many great manufactured items; this concealer will hopefully follow this at £5.49!